Unless you have been in a cave or very deeply asleep, it cannot have escaped your notice that the Covid-19 situation has evolved (and is still evolving) very rapidly. Roll on the time when it evolves right out of all our lives, but in the meantime….

In addition to the previous measures, the latest advice from Public Health England is that everyone avoids unnecessary travel and especially travel on public transport, that everyone who can works from home and that we all avoid gatherings of people as far as possible. The guidelines require everyone (adults and children) to practice social distancing as far as is pragmatic, in an effort to reduce the transmission of the disease. Schools are now shut except to essential workers.

You can find the full list of guidelines here:

Easter and May half term sessions are cancelled
In these circumstances it is clearly impossible for us to run our holiday clubs in the near future. Accordingly, we have cancelled all our Easter and May half term sessions. Anyone with a booking for Easter or May half term has already had a credit note applied to their account, as per our cancellation terms and conditions. You can find our T&Cs here if you have been having trouble sleeping.

Obviously it is unclear right now how long this situation will persist, or when the country’s enforced isolation will be relaxed. At present, we are assuming that we will be running over the Summer holidays, and our bookings from the Summer holidays onward remain open.

Please do not call us about moving a booking. As you might imagine, it is very hectic in the office right now, and we are running a skeleton staff, so email is by far the most efficient mechanism to contact us with. We will be answering all our emails, though it might take us a little longer than usual as we wade through the wreckage of Easter and our particular tiny manifestation of the collapse of Western civilisation.

Do take care of yourselves and the people around you, try to resist buying yet another 15 packets of pasta (think of the crash in the pasta market once this is over) and we will see you, I very much hope, on the other side in the Summer.