If you think your child might enjoy…

• den building • stealth games • mud-sculpting • wild art • dam-making • fire-lighting* • minibeast hunts • leaf-printing • wide games • tracking and trailing • camouflage • making stick men and mini-towns • tool making • rope bridges • story telling • making assault courses • natural craft • tree climbing • wild play…and anything else we can think of

…then book them in to one of our holiday clubs and they can join in the fun at our secret woodland hideouts!


When he was attending Wild Learning my son said in the evening that he couldn’t wait to go to bed and wake up again, so that he could go back to the woods!

They love it and always have a great time whatever the weather. They love the freedom, adventure and chance to get dirty. They always come home buzzing (and in need of a bath!) They love the staff and being outdoors all day.

We have woodland hideouts in multiple locations across London and the South East – click here to see where. Our friendly, qualified, experienced, Forest School-trained leaders have welcomed thousands of children to our fun-filled wild play adventure days.

We run clubs in:

  • Spring half-term
  • Easter holidays
  • Summer half-term
  • Summer holidays
  • October half-term

(In other words, every holiday except Christmas!)

Isn’t every day the same? After all, you are just messing about in the same woods.


We don’t run to structured plans or timetables, in fact, most of the time the children decide what they want to do, so every day with us is different. The problem we usually have is fitting everything we want to do into a single day. Luckily, there is always tomorrow….

Of course you can book for just a day; but if you book for a week or even longer, your child will never have the same day twice, and they’ll never be short of things to do.

They’ll be tired. They’ll probably be dirty. They’ll certainly be happy.

We will be outside all day, so being prepared with the right clothes and plenty to eat and drink is essential – click here for more details.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here.


You have given my daughter Sophie three amazing days that she will treasure

I just wanted to say that my children still think this is ‘THE BEST CLUB EVER’