Hand washing procedure

At Wild Learning we wash hands after every toilet break and before lunch and afternoon snack. Morning snack happens en route to camp where hand washing with soap and water is not available, which is why we require every child to have a bottle of hand sanitiser.

Wild Learning leaders supervise hand washing (or hand sanitising before morning snack) closely, and every child is required to wash/sanitise their hands thoroughly before each meal and after any visit to the toilet.

Hand washing at camp is done with soap and running water using a tippy tap system. You can see how we build a tippy tap below. The children are supervised closely by a staff member to ensure that:

  • Everyone washes their hands
  • Everyone washes their hands properly, using soap

We are familiar with the multifarious excuses children give for not washing their hands, or just wetting them, so please be assured that no one escapes form having clean hands!

We air dry our hands, as using a communal towel is a potential transmission risk. This can be a little chilly very briefly, but it is the safest choice.


Building a Tippy Tap