What you need to know for a birthday party

If you have booked a birthday party with us:

  • Please ensure that all the children attending wear suitable clothing – even for themed parties! The children are going to be in the woods: they will get dirty, messy and possibly wet – please do not bring the children in their ‘best’ clothing, as it will certainly get dirty. We expect children attending to be sent with adequate clothing to remain comfortable in the weather conditions on the day.
  • For parties with children aged 6 and over, we recommend that only the birthday child’s parents come to the party (if you want to). The exception to this will be if there is a child with special needs that requires one-to-one attention from a carer: if this is the case, it is your responsibility to provide one-to-one care, and to inform us before the party.
  • For parties with children age 5 or under, then the birthday child’s parents will be expected to stay, and we may require additional staff or adult helpers to maintain a safe ratio. For very young children we like more parents to be encouraged to and get involved.
  • Any parents that do attend will be expected to join in with the party under the direction of the leaders.
  • Any additional children that have not been paid for – of any age – that attend the party will be charged for after the party by invoice (we do not charge for babies that are in slings).
  • Please note that on most of our sites, due to the limited time we have in camp for parties, we will not set up our camp toilet. It is important that all the children are taken to the toilet before the party.
  • We recommend that you do any birthday food after the children have finished the party and have been handed back to you. If you would like to have the birthday cake cut and handed out towards the end of the party, please let WLHO know prior to the day.