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Tired, dirty, happy children

Remember when you were a child? Leaving home in the morning and spending all day in the woods? Getting home tired and dirty and full of the adventures you'd had?

Holiday clubs

“Wild Learning’s enthusiasm is infectious. Their staff are first class and my son came home each day shattered, filthy and absolutely ecstatic. Thank you.”

School sessions

“A HUGE thank you to you and your lovely leaders for a wonderful four weeks of Forest School. I can’t express what a brilliant experience it was.”

Early years

“Could you thank your staff for the wonderful day and the experiences that you gave our children. They went home exhausted, but buzzing from the fun they’d had”

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Danny, 8

The innovative, proven way of allowing children to grow and develop

Although this was his second visit, Alexander was a little apprehensive as his big sister was not with him. No need to worry, within minutes he had found a new friend and when I came to pick him up, he was high fiving everyone, telling them he would be back for the rest of the week (this was news to me). He loved it!

We run outdoor learning and Forest School programmes throughout the year, including holidays, providing a safe and supportive environment for children to explore the world and themselves, while learning new skills. Forest Schooled children grow in confidence, self esteem and maturity and are better able to communicate.

During the holidays our holiday clubs give children the chance to play, learn and explore all day in safe, supervised adventures. Run by Forest School-qualified leaders, Wild Learning clubs are the perfect antidote to holiday boredom.

The range of activities we offer is constantly developing, but a typical session would include:

  • Shelter building
  • Crafting from natural materials
  • Tracking
  • Environmental art
  • Safe fire making*
  • Games
  • Using tools
  • Green woodwork
  • Assault courses

* Please note fire is only permitted at certain sites.

Come into the woods…

An experience they’ll never forget

Shelter building

Learn how to build a shelter and live in the woods


Learn how to track animals…and your friends!

Woodland crafts

Make tools, wind chimes, mud sculptures, and lots more

Fire lighting

Learn how to safely light a fire without matches

Survival skills

Learn how to camouflage yourself so you can’t be seen


Play Eagle Eyes, the Wizard and the Troll, and even Killer Frisbee

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