How to redeem a voucher

If you have received a voucher from us, it will either be in the form of a piece of paper with a code, or possibly an email with just the code. Either will work to redeem your voucher, as all you need is the code. Our voucher codes are 8-digit alphanumeric codes prefixed with the characters ‘VOU-‘.

To redeem your voucher –

  • Check the our booking pages for availability, and decide which day and site over the holiday season you would like your child to attend.
  • Using our online booking system, book your child onto the required day and site.
  • When you get to the Payment page, look out for a box in the bottom left hand corner which says ‘Add promo/voucher code
  • Enter the voucher code into this box and click the ‘Apply’ button.
  • If you have more than one voucher, repeat the previous step until you have applied all your codes.
  • Once all the vouchers have been applied you can check out as normal.

If you experience any problems please email or ring us on 01483 424400


How to buy a voucher

If you would like to buy a voucher for a friend, you can do that on our voucher page.