By booking with us you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


We are a Wild Play company, and as such we build our day activities around the interests and aptitudes of the participating children, as far as it is practicable to do so. Activities on offer each day and at each site will also be dictated by the weather, the policies and requirements of individual sites, and the geography and resources available at specific sites. Accordingly, any list of activities, whether on advertising, our website, or anywhere else, is indicative of the sorts of activities we may get up to. It is not exhaustive, and does not constitute a guarantee that any of the listed activities will take place on a specific day or site.


Unless otherwise specified, children attending our sessions must have had their fifth birthday. It is your responsibility to give us your child’s correct age during the booking process. If we accept a child and subsequently discover that they are under age for the club they are attending we will cancel their place immediately, or (if they are already in attendance with us) require you to collect them at once. You will not be entitled to a refund under these circumstances.


Your child’s attendance at a Wild Learning session is contingent upon you signing them in and out with us. You are responsible for ensuring that you have signed your children in at the beginning of every day and out at the end of every day. If someone else will be signing your children out at the end of the day it is your responsibility to tell the leader at registration so that (s)he can make a note and inform the person collecting that they must sign the children out.

The registration period lasts for 20 minutes from the advertised start of the session. Children arriving after the close of registration may not be admitted to the session, at the discretion of Wild Learning.

If you are running late it is your responsibility to let us know by telephoning the office number before the end of the registration period. We will always try to wait for latecomers if they inform us they will be late before the end of registration. Alternatively, we will direct them to the camp if the group has left by the time they arrive.

If you arrive late to a drop-off point it is your responsibility to take your child to our camp. We do not offer refunds or credit notes to parents who arrive late and cannot find our group.

Please note that attending Wild Learning does not include access to the site for those sites where you need to pay for entrance. We’ll meet your child and escort them in.

No adults may accompany children on our holiday courses without prior arrangement with us. We require a current enhanced DBS check before allowing adults to accompany holiday club groups, and this is at our discretion.

If during the course of a day, it is our staff’s judgement that a child is unable to cope, for whatever reason, then we may contact you and require you to collect your child from site. A refund or credit note under these circumstances shall be at our discretion.


We encourage positive, responsible behaviour. In the event that your child behaves in a way that our staff feel they cannot deal with, or if a child’s behaviour is in danger of putting themselves or others at risk of injury, we will ask you to remove them from the activity. If this happens, you will be charged for any additional costs incurred by us, for example extra supervision, and you will not be offered a refund. We also reserve the right to withdraw your child from any future bookings without refund.


If your child arrives with you on a bicycle or a scooter, a skateboard or rollerskates, please don’t ask us to look after their bike/scooter/skateboard/rollerskates for the day. We have no storage in the woods and the children can’t take bicycles or any other mode of transport with them.


If you have booked a birthday party with us:

  • Please ensure that all the children attending wear suitable clothing – even for themed parties! The children are going to be in the woods: they will get dirty, messy and possibly wet – please do not bring the children in their ‘best’ clothing, as it will certainly get dirty. We expect children attending to be sent with adequate clothing to remain comfortable in the weather conditions on the day.
  • For parties with children aged 6 and over, we recommend that only the birthday child’s parents come to the party (if you want to). The exception to this will be if there is a child with special needs that requires one-to-one attention from a carer: if this is the case, it is your responsibility to provide one-to-one care, and to inform us before the party.
  • For parties with children age 5 or under, then the birthday child’s parents will be expected to stay, and we may require additional staff or adult helpers to maintain a safe ratio. For very young children we like more parents to be encouraged to and get involved.
  • Any parents that do attend will be expected to join in with the party under the direction of the leaders.
  • Any additional children that have not been paid for – of any age – that attend the party will be charged for after the party by invoice (we do not charge for babies that are in slings).
  • Please note that on most of our sites, due to the limited time we have in camp for parties, we will not set up our camp toilet. It is important that all the children are taken to the toilet before the party.
  • We recommend that you do any birthday food after the children have finished the party and have been handed back to you. If you would like to have the birthday cake cut and handed out towards the end of the party, please let WLHO know prior to the day.
  • Payment – We require a deposit of 50% on booking and the final 50% one month before the party is due. If you cancel one month or before the party date then you  get any monies already paid fully refunded minus 10%.If you wish to cancel after paying the full amount, if you give us more than 14 days’ notice you will get a credit note valid for one year. If you cancel with less that 14 days’ notice you are not entitled to any refund.


Holiday Club. Payment is taken when you book a place online. You will be sent an automated confirmation email on receipt of your booking. If you haven’t paid or if you don’t receive the email your child has not been allocated a place, so please check. If you have not paid 72 hours before the day your child is due to attend we reserve the right to cancel your place. If you have paid but failed to give us booking details for children who are to attend 72 hours before the booking date we reserve the right to cancel your place without refund. If you owe us money, for example for a previous unpaid session or for an unpaid late pickup fee, we reserve the right to cancel future bookings and refund your money less the amount we are owed.

Birthday party. We require a deposit of 50% on booking and the final 50% one month before the party is due. If you cancel one month or before the party date then you  get any monies already paid fully refunded minus 10%.

If you wish to cancel after paying the full amount, if you give us more than 14 days’ notice you will get a credit note valid for one year. If you cancel with less that 14 days’ notice you are not entitled to any refund.


The Scandinavians have it right: “No such thing as bad weather,” they say, “only the wrong clothes.” We insist that your child brings waterproof trousers and coat if there is the chance of rain, and we will carry on unless the weather turns extreme.

Children turning up with the wrong clothing is the biggest problem we have. Having the right clothes and shoes can make the difference between your child having a great time and being miserable. It’s up to you to make sure they come properly equipped, so please follow these guidelines.

You need to provide your child with appropriate foot- and outer-wear – stout shoes or boots are essential, plus warm clothes and a waterproof outer layer (top and bottom) – so WATERPROOF COAT AND TROUSERS. Long sleeves and long trousers also. Children will also require a spare jumper, wrapped in a waterproof bag keep it dry.

Please note that Wild Learning accept no liability for dirty or torn clothing. All clothing should obviously be clearly marked with your child’s name.

For their own protection, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any child who is improperly dressed. Sorry, no refund if you send them in inappropriate clothes.


By making a booking you are confirming that your child is physically and intellectually competent to attend one of our sessions. In particular that they:
  • can understand and follow moderately complex verbal instructions, in English;
  • can carry their own possessions, without help, on a gentle walk of up to a mile to and from camp; and
  • are comfortable socialising in a group with children they may not have met before.


Our handling of all information provided to us during booking will comply with the relevant data protection legislation. We will not sell or disclose your personal details to any other agencies. We will not contact you other than about other Wild Learning activities.


If we are forced to cancel because of events outside our control, such as natural disasters, states of emergency or disease you will be offered a day or days in lieu. We do not offer cash refunds for cancellations due to events outside our control.


Activities which advertise “children must be accompanied by an adult” means a responsible person over the age over 18 years old. Any person attending our activities/events must adhere to our health and safety guidelines and follow the instructions of the activity/event leader. Such adults must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Adults must be responsible for the behaviour of themselves and the children they are accompanying. They will be asked to leave if their behaviour is affecting the safety or enjoyment of the activity/event for other people attending.


You need to feed them! We expect you to provide your child with food and drink for the day, which should include:

  • a mid-morning snack
  • lunch
  • a mid-afternoon snack
  • drink for the day

Please bear in mind that your children will be outside all day, and active for a good part of that day, and pack their lunchboxes accordingly. Being hungry or thirsty in the woods is even less fun than being cold.

Again, please note that we reserve the right to refuse entry to any child who arrives without adequate food or drink for the day. No, no money back in this case either.


If you make a group booking for children who are not all your own and therefore benefit from our reduced rates you will be expected to give your contact details and be the point of contact for the entire group of children you book. Parents who prefer to have their specific contact details logged against their child are free to make separate booking, but they then do not benefit from our group discount unless they are booking sufficient spaces in their own right. In order to qualify for a multi-buy discount (eg ‘buy 5 places and get one free’ or ‘buy 5 places and get a 10% discount’) all places must be booked in one transaction.

If you make a multiple booking and qualify for a discount as a result, and subsequently cancel some of the booked places such that your total booking would no longer qualify for the discount then we will deduct the total value of the discount from your refund, so that you will have paid the full (non-discounted) price for those places remaining.


Please ensure that your child is well enough to come to our activities. In particular if your child has a raised temperature or cough (or any other COVID-19 symptoms), or has suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea within 48 hours then please tell us and remove your child from the day. In these circumstances we will offer you another date in lieu, provided you inform us before 8.00 am on the day they are due to attend. You can let us know about an ill child by calling the office number (01483 424 400) and either speaking to someone or leaving a voicemail, or by email. If you call before 8 am or call and we do not answer please leave a voicemail, as these are date and time-stamped. If your child becomes ill with any of these symptoms during a session we’ll contact you and we’ll expect you to make arrangements to take them home.

We do not offer refunds in the case of illness. Credit notes and days in lieu are valid for 12 months from the date of the cancelled booking.


Please tell us if you will be late in picking up your child. If you are more than 15 minutes late in collecting your child, without having agreed this with us previously, we will call the emergency contact details you have provided to find out the cause for the delay, and how long it is likely to last. We’ll do our best to contact you and always leave a message if we can.

Please note that if you are more than 15 minutes late to pick up you will be charged an additional £15 for every half hour, or part thereof.

While waiting to be collected, we’ll look after your child and give them as much support and reassurance as necessary. Try to keep us informed though – it’s scary for them (and us) if you don’t turn up when we think you should.

We charge for extra time spent looking after children over and above the times you booked for, (and for the costs of getting them back to you). Failing to pay late pick-up fees will put your future bookings at risk of cancellation – see Bookings and Payment above.


We do try to repatriate lost property at the end of every session. However, it is your (and your child’s) responsibility to ensure that they leave with everything they turned up with. If you do find that something has been left behind then please let us know by calling the office number (on the home page of this site) and we will do our best to find it and get it back to you. Needless to say, it’s a lot easier for us to identify and return lost property if you have written your child’s name in it. We don’t offer replacements or compensation for lost items.


Please don’t send children with pocket, pen or sheath knives, as they pose a risk to the whole group. Knives will be confiscated by Wild Learning Staff and returned to parents on pick up.


The Session leader holds a current first aid certificate, specialising in outdoor first aid. However, it is up to you to ensure that we have your child’s current medical information at the beginning of the session, and that they also have any medication (i.e. epipens and inhalers) with your child’s, name, medication and time of last dose/incident written clearly on the outside.

You are also responsible for telling us of any behavioural issues your child may have (for example whether they have a Statement of Educational Needs, or have been diagnosed with behaviour on the autistic spectrum)

Any information you give us will be treated in strict confidence, and will not prejudice the inclusion of your child in any activity. It is in the interests of your child that you give us full and accurate information. However, if we feel that our staff will not be able to keep your child or the group safe in the woods with the behavioural issues that you describe then we reserve the right to decline the booking.

If your child requires medication (for example, an asthma inhaler or an epipen) then it is your responsibilty to ensure they have their medication with them when they arrive and that we are aware of it. In the case of epipens, you must provide TWO epipens.

We will refuse to accept children requiring medication who do not have adequate supplies of their medicine with them. You will not get a refund in these circumstances. If you have given us medication for your children it is your responsibiity to make sure that it is returned to you at the end of the day.

Please apply any sun protection cream and insect repellent before the session starts.


We do not allow children to have mobile phones during our sessions unless this has been agreed in advance by parents with head office (see below under PHOTOGRAPHS). If your child brings a phone without permission then the leader will confiscate it and return it to you at the end of the session.


With your permission, photographs and video footage may be taken of the children during activities, for use solely by Wild Learning for promotional purposes, i.e. use on websites/leaflets/press releases etc.

When images are used for promotional purposes, only the image will be used, and no personal information will be issued.

We do not allow children to take photographs on site. Please do not send your child with a camera or a camera phone. If you do wish your child to have a phone with them for security purposes, please let us know and make sure your child understands that they must not take photographs while on site.


For a copy of our policies and procedures please email Julie

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


If we cancel an event we’ll book your child onto another day of your choice in lieu. This will only happen in the event of extreme weather conditions, lack of take up, or other events beyond our control. See WEATHER and EVENTS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL.

If you cancel your booking:

  • more than 21 days notice – you get a full refund or a credit note;
  • between 7 & 21 days notice– you get a credit note;
  • less than 7 days notice– you don’t get anything;

If you cancel because of illness then see ILLNESS above

In the event that a decision is made to cancel an activity all participants and parents/guardians will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

If you have not paid 72 hours before the day your child is due to attend we reserve the right to cancel your place.

If you wish to move your booking to another date you must give us at least 7 days’ notice; rescheduling dates at shorter notice than 7 days is entirely at our discretion. Booked sessions that have been rescheduled do not qualify for a refund if cancelled.

Refunds of cancelled days will always be made to the original purchasing individual and by the original purchasing mechanism: i.e credit card purchases will be refunded to the purchasing card, and voucher purchases will be refunded as vouchers. Where a booking has been made with a mixture of vouchers and credit card we will refund the vouchers first. Credit notes or vouchers will also only be applied to the account of the purchasing individual, and are not transferable.


We believe that everyone who works for Wild Learning has the right to be treated with respect, and to work free from fear of intimidation or harm. We will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse towards any member of the team for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel bookings without notice or refund if we feel that our staff have been subject to abuse from parents or children.


We will always try to accommodate children with special educational or behavioural needs. However, our priority is keeping all the children and our staff safe and happy, so we will only accept a child if we feel that they can cope with the demands of the day, and that our staff can provide them with the support that they need. We accept children with special educational or behavioural needs entirely at our discretion, and if it transpires that a child cannot cope with the demands of our day we will expect you to collect them from our site. If we feel the need to cancel future bookings we will refund you the fee in full. If you would like your child to join us then you must read the advice page here, and call the office on 01483 424 400 to discuss your child’s needs with us before you place the booking. We may, at our sole discretion, agree to accept your child on the condition that they come with one-to-one supervision from a suitable adult, to be arranged by you and subject to our DBS checks. Bookings for children with special educational or behavioural needs that are made without the prior agreement of Wild Learning may be cancelled at short notice and without a refund.


Please be aware that sometimes we have all-male or all-female staff on a day.


Attendees may be swapped if:

  • You are the booking owner (ie you made and paid for the booking); and
  • You give us 48 hours’ notice of the swap

Attendees may not be swapped without the explicit consent of the original purchaser. Swaps requested within 48 hours of the event date are at our discretion.


Courses will not run if the Met Office weather forecast shows a predicted wind speed (gust or continual speed) of 42mph or above for any part of the day, if a site closes because of weather-related safety issues, or if lightning is predicted. In these circumstances we will make a decision to cancel by 4pm on the previous day. We will inform parents/guardians by email and text using the information you supply at booking. We will also put a note on the home page of our website. If we cancel an entire day because of adverse weather you will be offered a day in lieu. We do not offer refunds or credit notes for partial-day cancellations (for example, if we have to close early because of site issues or because high winds or lightning are forecast). We do not offer cash refunds for bad weather cancellations.

If unpredicted high winds, lightning or the likelihood of either develops over one of our sites during a session then we will evacuate the site immediately. In that instance we will contact you via the emergency numbers you give at booking and ask you to arrange to collect your child from the dropoff point. We do not offer refunds or days in lieue for cancellations due to lightning/high winds developing during the day.

Very occasionally we may end a day early due to extremely inclement conditions, because the children are becoming distressed or uncomfortable. This decision is taken at the discretion of the leader at the site on the day, based upon their judgement on the welfare of the children. It is not negotiable and we do not offer full or part-day refunds or compensation in these circumstances.


Our office address is:

Wild Learning and Development Limited

The White House

2 Meadrow

Godalming GU7 3HN

Telephone: 01483 424400

Email: info@wild-learning.net