Terms and Conditions

For bookings with Wild Learning sessions by schools, nurseries, charities and other relevant organisations.


Full payment is required in advance to confirm the booking. Payment must be made by bank transfer or BACS payment (we do not accept cheque payment). Payment must be received at least 30 days prior to the date of the first session booked. We will not run sessions if payment has not been received.

Any subsequent changes to the details on the booking form must be communicated to Wild Learning at the earliest opportunity. Any changes that have a potential impact on the session (for example, a change to the number of attendees) must be agreed with Wild Learning in advance. Failure to do so risks cancellation of the session on the day, with no refund.


If you cancel a confirmed booking giving at least 60 days’ notice we will issue a notice of credit of 100% of the fees paid, to be used towards an alternative date within 12 months of issue.

If you cancel a confirmed booking giving at least 30 days’ notice but less than 60 days we will issue a notice of credit of 50% of the fees paid, to be used towards an alternative date within 12 months of issue.

If you cancel a booking giving less than 30 days’ notice, there will be no credit or refund.

It is extremely unlikely that Wild Learning will cancel your booking (except for non-payment of fees due).

However, on rare occasions it may be necessary to cancel a session due to extreme weather conditions, or other events beyond our control.

  • Sessions will not run if the Met Office weather forecast shows a predicted wind speed (gust or continual speed) of 42mph or above for any part of the day, or if lightning is predicted.
  • Sessions will not run if local or national COVID (or similar) restrictions forbid group trips or activities outdoors.

In these circumstances Wild Learning will offer you an equivalent session “in lieu” and will liaise with you to find an alternative date. Wild Learning do not refund fees for bad weather or COVID-related cancellations, and will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the school (including, but not limited to, any booked travel arrangements).

If your class has to isolate because a member tests positive for COVID-19, and you have informed us before 5pm on the day prior to your visit, we will offer you a credit note or a transfer to another day.


Wild Learning works to strict adult:child ratios, of one Wild Learning leader for up to 8 children.

However in order to reduce costs for school groups, we are prepared to work on the ratio of one Wild Learning leader plus a minimum of one member of school staff for up to 15 children. In certain circumstances, we will work with a ratio of one Wild Learning leader to 20 children for nursery groups, depending on the number of staff the nursery provide. Ratio decisions are entirely at the discretion of Wild Learning, and may be changed at short notice if Wild Learning feel that a group’s behaviour requires additional support to remain safe.

We will work to these ratios only on the proviso that:

  • The school staff member(s) must be a class teacher or teaching assistant/learning support assistant, not a parent helper or short-term temp – it is important that the school staff know all the children well and can maintain discipline (see “Discipline and Behaviour” below).
  • The attending school staff understand that they are there in place of a Wild Learning leader and have agreed that they will be fully involved and engaged for the duration of the session, working with and under the direction of the Wild Learning leaders. They must be physically able to be active for the entire session.
  • At least one school staff member is First Aid qualified.
  • Any children who have 1:1 support at school must have 1:1 support provided by the school for the duration of the Wild Learning session, and that 1:1 adult support must be in addition to the number of school staff required for our standard ratios.

This is to ensure constant vigilance for the safety and security of the children in an outside environment where there are no physical boundaries, and to make sure that the safety rules for activities (many of which may be unfamiliar to children) are adhered to.

If during a session the school staff refuse to participate as above, Wild Learning reserves the right to end the session early, without any refund or credit.

If the school prefers, Wild Learning will be happy to provide more leaders in place of school staff, with the relevant additional fees, if agreed at the time of making the booking.

If the school fails to adhere to the agreed numbers of children and school staff, Wild Learning reserves the right to refuse to run the session, without any refund or credit.


The responsibility of student discipline during sessions (including breaks) rests with school staff.

Children and school staff will be briefed by Wild Learning leaders on the safety rules and considerations for the day. School staff are required to support the Wild Learning leaders by ensuring that the children (and staff) remember and follow the guidance.

Wild Learning leaders will be responsible for leading all the activities, and in charge of the health and safety considerations associated with all activities. School staff are required to help students during the day and encourage their full participation during exercises, working with and under the guidance of the Wild Learning leaders. No prior knowledge or experience of Forest School is necessary for school staff, just a commitment to be fully involved.

If school staff do not manage behaviour and discipline and it is left to the Wild Learning leaders, there will be less time to focus on the Forest School activities.


All Wild Learning leaders have outdoor First Aid certification, but the school must bring at least one member of staff who is First Aid qualified, and they will be the first responder for the group.

The school must inform Wild Learning in advance if a child has specific medical conditions that may affect their participation in the day. If children in the group require medication then it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that they bring it with them and that it is administered as appropriate.

Children who suffer from anaphylaxis and carry an epipen MUST BRING TWO EPIPENS when on site with us.

Children who suffer from asthma must have a full inhaler.

We recommend that children allergic to bites or stings should have insect repellent applied just before they join us, and bring antihistamine to apply as appropriate.

Bear in mind that we work in areas where pollen is abundant at certain times of year, so hay fever sufferers will need to take precautions.  In particular, if children require prophylactic antihistamine they should take it before starting the session, and have back-up supplies as relevant.

We recommend that children have sun protection cream applied when it is sunny.


It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that every child brings enough food and drink to see them through the day, bearing in mind that they will be outside and active all day. No food or drink is available for purchase at our camps. In particular, bear in mind that there is no drinking water available on site. We recommend every child brings at least a litre of fluid, preferably water, and in a resealable bottle, for a full day.


None of our camps have plumbed toilet or hand washing facilities.

We dig a pit latrine or provide a bucket toilet (with privacy tent) and provide cold water with antibacterial handwash.

Some sites have public toilets near the car park, or a café with toilets.  If schools anticipate that all or most of their children will require a toilet stop before the session starts then please remember that even those of our sites that have public toilet facilities will not be equipped to deal with large numbers of children simultaneously. It can take upwards of half an hour to toilet a full class of young children, so please work this into your timings and arrive in time to do a toilet stop and be ready for the allotted start time.

Remember that our sites are open to the public and take care not to inconvenience other users. In particular, do not take large groups of children at the same time into café areas causing congestion.

It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that communal areas used by their groups before and after Wild Learning sessions are left in a clean and tidy state. Please make sure that children use toilets responsibly and that, if there are any accidents, they are cleaned up before you leave.


Schools attending must abide by Wild learning’s Coronavirus procedures, which are kept up to date with the latest Government guidance and can be found here: https://wild-learning.net/coronavirus-for-schools/