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Things to do outside with your kids 2

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Sticks and Mud
Last time I mailed everyone I was talking about how just going for a walk is a great way to get everyone outside, and can lead to all kinds of fun and games
This time I’d like to mention sticks and mud. Voted number 1 and number 5 respectively in Geek Dad’s Top 5 toys of All Time survey, these two really are the kings of outdoor playthings. Now many parents aren’t great fans of Sticks, and even less of Mud, but stay with me and you might just be glad you did.
Sticks work as pokers, diggers and flagpoles, in fact anything you can imagine them doing, they do. They come in an almost bewildering variety of sizes and shapes, but you can amass a whole collection without too much of an investment (in an afternoon, in fact).*
Mud is the universal construction medium, and can make forts, castles, pies, sweets, facepaint and sculptures. It’s also good for you, with an increasing number of studies showing that kids who play with dirt have stronger immune systems than those who don’t.
Put the two together however, and you have a whole raft of possibilities. How about this:

or this

or this

Bring on the sticks and mud…..
* Disclaimer: several manufacturers provided samples of sticks and mud for the reviewer.


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